FUM SOFT will allow you to UNLOCK for FREE any mobile phones in seconds

FUM Soft is an easy-to-use tool, which you can install on any desktop & mobile device, to unlock any mobile device for FREE. Unlocking can provide you with many benefits, including a reduced monthly bill by switching to another carrier or a prepaid plan, and the ability to sell your device at a much higher resale value.


Unlock By IMEI

You can choose your phone model, insert the Imei number and the FUM SOFT automatically calculate the code for your device. Press *#06# to find your IMEI code.

Unlock Any Phone

Now you can use your mobile phone with any service provider around the world. FUM SOFT client can unlock phones like iPhone, Samsung, LG, Nokia, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Blackberry, Alcatel, Huawei and so much more.

FUM requirements

You need .NET Framework 4 from Microsoft to run our software. Nothing else. FUM SOFT works on all versions of Windows OS, Linux and Mac OS




Click on Unlock Phone button to start unlocking. Clicp on About to see more details about the software and its version. Don't forget to give us a like on facebook.


Choose Phone Name

This is a list of phones you can unlock. Click on your model. If your phone is not in the list click on you did not find your phone on the list and type your phone name manually.


Choose Model Name

After you have chosen your phone name, the next step will be to choose model name. Also, if your model is not listed, you can manually enter phone model. Click on Next button.


Enter IMEI & Unlock

In the last step you need to enter IMEI code and press unlock (dial *#06#). In less than 10 minutes you will receive instructions and unlock code for your phone.

In order tu use FUM SOFT, you must complete a offer from our sponsors. Download will start automatically. That's all we ask!

  • "After downloading the software, I received a working unlock code within 5 minutes - everything worked as promised!


  • "It only took a few minutes to unlock my phone . I had already spent about 4 hours trying to unlock the phone by other methods without any success. Thank You, FUM SOFT!


  • "I downloaded the FUM Soft specifically to unlock my HTC One X which it does brilliantly. Many thanks.

    Tom Parker


What is FUM SOFT?

FUM Soft is an intuitive application designed to free mobile phone users from the tethers of their carriers. This allows you to choose the phone that you love, on the carrier that you prefer. The process is extremely intuitive and user-friendly, and only takes a matter of a few moments. FUM Soft works with the most popular phones, including: Apple, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry and many, many more.

How can I find my IMEI code?

Before you start the whole process, you'll need to know your smartphone model and your IMEI number. You can find the IMEI of your phone below the battery, or simply by dialing *#06#

How do I use FUM SOFT?

The only thing that you have to do is download the software from our website, install it onto your smartphone, insert your IMEI code and let the software do it's thing. You need no connectivity to a network when performing the action. After that, you are free! No more restrictions and no more unfairness. FUM SOFT works in all platforms and has no restrictions regarding smartphone brands or models either. In not so many words, FUM SOFT works for every smartphone there is, being the universal, free and efficient software for unlocking phones.

Is mobile phone unlocking legal?

Here in the UK, as confirmed by the Metropolitan Police, network unlocking a phone is legal. This is the same in the US and most other countries, as long as you own the mobile phone you are unlocking.


FUM SOFT is a software conceived especially for your needs. We all know how carriers restrict our phones and how frustrating it is to pay to have them unlocked. It seams a little unfair if you have to think about it. Not anymore, because FUM SOFT is free, has no viruses and it unlocks your smartphone before you can actually spell the word "smartphone".

In order tu use our software, you must complete a offer from our sponsors. That's all we ask!

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